by juliakeil

For this post, I’ve decided to do something a little different. Rather than accompanying my photos with my own text, I’ve decided to include my father’s response to my pictures. Originally I had asked him to have a look at them and recommend any German authors, poets, texts they made him think of..instead, I got a self-written poem from my father himself. I have never read a poem by my father and quite frankly, never even knew he wrote them so his response came as somewhat of a surprise. A pleasant one.

I have scattered his text between the photos so you can read them as you scroll down.

I will however add that the following images are from a time spent in my so called “home country”, Germany, back in mid-2013. They were all taken during a transitory period in my life in Berlin and Leipzig.

Metaphoric Response of a Denglishman

Juergen Keil

You asked me for some text

Company for Your pictures

Here are my mixtures

Dunno what´s next




and Embassy


Eisenmann´s stones

and the Muslim scarf

Germany_2013_WIP-1 Germany_2013_WIP-19

Aliens and Thrones

On Pariser Platz

Recycle hammer and sichle

Wind from Downunder

Germany_2013_WIP-13 Germany_2013_WIP-20 Germany_2013_WIP-18 Germany_2013_WIP-26 Germany_2013_WIP-4 Germany_2013_WIP-10 Germany_2013_WIP-21

Tree traces on bluewhite

Harbour of light

and green Zweisamkeit



Geometric front

and the Animal

There are the Humans

Clad in C and A

Germany_2013_WIP-16 Germany_2013_WIP-6

Shadow and blunder

Dog from Behind

Sucks the sacks

Never mind


Elegance rotten Boucher

Was the Boss

In the Vanishing Yellow

Nine and nineteen prevail

Germany_2013_WIP-9 Germany_2013_WIP-17 Germany_2013_WIP-24

Rebuilding Spray

Parliament tired

No Energy

Blows up

Birthday balloons

Germany_2013_WIP-8 Germany_2013_WIP-5

Birds of Vision

Fahrt mit mir

Durchs Labyrinth

der Äste im Wasser


Werben Sie hier

In your cocoons

Ohne Fleiß

Me and my former Self