When souls come out to play

by juliakeil

When souls come out to play

and till the light of day

 dance it all away

and cast their faces into the nights decay

while daytime dwellers succumb to the powder of dreams

 making masks from memories

formed with each instant.

Time benders

Music makers

Character shakers

Flamboyant fakers


Givers and takers

Self searchers

Tear jerkers

Word worshipers

Shape shifters

Liquid lovers

And disco diamond dancers

Free to jump shadows

and lock lips with life

as hungry eyes float by

feasting on the ecstasy of beating hearts


under the cloak of night’s spell

under the veil of tales untold

under the knowing of not knowing.

Until time trickles reality

into glazed eyes

with the dawning of day

and creatures fumble frantically

for those faces they cast away.

SIP_2014_ghost-1 SIP_2014-2 SIP_2014-11 SIP_2014-4 SIP_2014-6 Sad_stef_Dec_2014-1 SIP_2014-9 SIP_2014-8 SIP_2014-3 SIP_2014-10 SIP_2014-5 SIP_2014-15 SIP_2014_sumbrero-1

most photographs taken in Hong Kong during Secret Island Party October 2014. ©juliakeil