It’s mothers day

by juliakeil

It’s mothers day
And in some way
I believe it’s mothers day, every day

The truth is I don’t feel
That you’re a part of this spinning wheel
Because you’ve always been something

I feel if I were to compartmentalize you with all those other mothers
Herd you together like some seemingly standard sheep flock,
That I would be doing you injustice
Because a sheep, you are not.

I hope you know, really know
That I cherish you
That I care
That I thank you for my ever-growing blonde hair
And brown eyes, reflections of your own which taught me to always be gentle, giving and respectful.

I hope you know that I admire you
And the things you have fought your way through.
The roles you fulfilled in the life you have led and the life you are still leading.
A woman who was never really misleading
But honest, temperamental
yet sincere.

27 years I’ve had you as my mother
and in that time I’ve probably called you many names,
some of which I apologise for
others, which I know I’ll never use in game
like Mama, Mami, Mutter.

Futter you always gave me generously
Nourished my body, mind and soul
With life experience, culture and passion.
You never forced me into a mold.

I thank you for never turning your back on me
When I really needed you around
And for giving me the freedom to which my upbringing was bound.

I thank you for teaching me that independence and self is crucial
But that a life shared can be beautiful.

I thank you for showing me what beauty is
That its dresses are a plenty
And that they sometimes hide in the most unexpected corners, faces and places,
All you really have to do is try and… see.

I still see you mother. I see you for who you are. Notice what you do and listen. I listen to you. I try to understand. And often feel that I do.
And although I’m not one for forever
I can truly say this
Without a single tremor
Because with these words there is no ‘take two’
I will always,

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