by juliakeil

It’s 16:30 in Leipzig, Germany and the New Year is just hours away.  Outside I can already hear the sporadic rebel rockets firing from all corners of the city. As the sun gets dominated by the night, those rockets will surely turn into more of a symphony. There might be a crescendo around midnight and then gradually break into a diminuendo as the night turns into day once again. Except this time, as the new day approaches, things might feel a little different.  I can’t help it, but every time a year slips into its shiny new dress and discards its now worn, memory-ridden old rags, I reflect on the past year with appreciation and sadness.

I feel a certain loss of time past but also a deep gain of all the memories the year brought, most importantly the people that made those memories possible.  In 2012, I met so many wonderful people, some old and some new, some of which I just know will stay in my life for years to come and others I hope will stay in my life. Even if they don’t, I am still so happy for the enrichment they have given me. For all these people, I am so thankful.

What a year… 2012 . It’s definitely been an intense one- a test of capabilities and priorities, emotional instabilities, creativities, new unions, new questions, new doubts and perhaps even a new clarity.

Who knows what 2013 will bring. In a way, I don’t think we should know because time is temperamental and its only by staying open to new possibilities, new people, new life, that I think we can make the most of what time has to offer.  There really is no use in trying to strap a collar around time because its uncontrollable. Of course we can each have our ambitions and our guidelines perhaps but maybe we should remember to stay flexible and allow our mind, body and spirit to expand and grow along the way.

At least… these are things I will try my best to abide by in the coming year, a year which is now less than 7 hours away.

Some of you are already ticking in the new year while I and many others are still in the old. A strange thought. I hope all of you who are already embracing 2013, have had a great start.

This entry into the new year, I am spending with a part of my family, a family which comes together way too seldom but when it does, it is truly wonderful. I wish all of you a tremendous new year and hope you enter 2013 with positivity, love and freedom in your hearts.


“When nothing is sure, everything is possible” – Margaret Drabble