Ode to the Edwards

by juliakeil

In December 2011, I had the privilege of joining my good friend Jules and  her now husband, Simon on their wedding day in Liverpool ( a city which I might add, surprised me with all its unexpected sparkles).  For weeks before, I had been trying to come up with a little poem to express my joy for them but typical of me it was on the night before the wedding at approximately 12 am, that the words finally came to me (see below). I dedicate this post to Julia (aka Jules) and Simon Edwards and wish them many years of happiness together. 

When such genuine people unite

It truly is a sight,

that makes the fight of life feel right.

While some might dazzle and blitz for a while,

exclaim their union in every ear with style,

their supposed lasting light just won’t ignite

but rather crumbles into a regretful ash pile.

But don’t fret

this is no test

it is just an extension of how you two met.

So never let go of that mutual respect

keep that contagious positivity in effect.

Walk proud as pair,

ignore the bewares

because your love is true,

that, anyone can tell you.

You two suit each other perfectly

one might even say,

you were meant to be.

So all the best

in building your nest.

Enjoy your flourishing love game contest.

We are all so happy for you both

beaming and brimming and drunk with hope.

You two, are just dope.

-Julia Keil