Michael Jackson

by juliakeil

NOTE: This poem, (as well as all the rest of my poems) are meant to be performed – Performances to be gradually uploaded soon on my youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/julibuk so please keep your eyes peeled!

Michael Jackson is great. Actually he is more than that.
As a matter of fact
He is ‘Invincible’.
His name that is.
He’s gonna die.
But his name will live.

Yes people might call him “pedo”, “psycho”, “WACKO JACKO”
And yes okay he obviously has got some issues
But why let that reflect his music.
Why shrug off all that history, that gift, that talent,
The stuff that matters for that
Bullshit, overboard, stupid meaningless gossip
Which for some reason, our sickingly, scrutinizing society seems to care so much about.

Is that really what matters to you?
What matters to us?
Have we as a race stooped to that nonreturnable place
Of putrid superficiality and
Fucked up grace.

Now there’s a case!
When did this regression start?
When did we part from the simple appreciation of a
Musicians melodic tune?
Let the personal override the talent.
A traumatic thought.

All of a sudden ‘ABC’
Isn’t as easy as 1,2 and 3
And what was once the King of Pop,
Is now the ‘Dirty Diana’ of Daytime TV!


Make up your hegemonic headlines.
Maybe there are signs
Of fact
Or maybe
It’s all fiction
Forget your fiddling friction
And for once…
‘DON’T blame it on the boogie!’

Because the ‘Billie Jean’ boy
Already blasted that he’s ‘Bad’
And we all know he has been both
‘Black and White’
SO don’t let his sight scare you anymore
Since he really does ‘Work day and night’
Already exclaimed he
‘Just can’t stop loving you’ ‘Pretty young thing’
which he seems to like to sing
and sometimes ‘Screams’ and shouts
syncing with his sis
‘So just leave me alone’
‘It’s just another part of me;
you see there might be ‘Blood on the dance floor’
But ‘Girlfriend’
‘I want you back’
to that
‘Remember the time’
when it was all just ‘Human nature’
and I wanted to ‘Heal the World’
with my ‘Liberian girl’
You could feel that the smooth came before the criminal
Thought I was tough
And didn’t stop till you had enough….

And now
You’ve made me that ‘Stranger in Moscow’
Burned this disco out
Blamed it on the boogie
Created the ‘Thriller’ you wanted to see
Not the melody behind the me
Couldn’t let me pleasantly be
That ‘Rockin Robin’ up that tree
Who just wanted you to be free
To get on the floor board so that he
Could please those pining pointed ears with poetry.
Perform that popular moon glide slide
Get it curled around your being and let it
Rock your world.

So now you see…
All that is left to be said is….


-Julia Keil

written 2008, prior to Michael Jacksons death.