Pleased to meet you

by juliakeil

People meet
And greet
Possibly take a seat
All the time
But who made up that rhyme?

Why dine?
That’s your plate
That’s mine.
Is it a crime
To grunt like a runt
Reach across the table on a hunt
For that succulent, sizzling, scrumptious
Slice of meat.

Let’s get back to that greet.
Why impose the same old questions
Only to expose the same old answers:

Hello. How are you?
I’m fine thank you and you?
Oh yes me too.
So.. what do you do?
I work for this and that and that and this

(Now let’s not diss but all you really want is a kiss)

Where are you from?
You hear some place like Babylon
And so it goes on.

Conversation starters
Garters that somehow hold us up
Why don’t we just spit in that cup?
Come up with something new!

Like if you could chose which way the wind blew
Which way would you pick?
Stone or stick?
Which one would you rather lick?
What animal are you?
Wildlife or Zoo?

(take two)

If you were a fruit, which fruit would you be?
Pear, Plum, Papaya, Pineapple, Passion fruit or something from some other tree.
Ever noticed how many fruits begin with P?

Or how about simply,
Are you happy?

Why is it that we start with the exterior and work towards the interior
Are we not more superior than that.

Who even made up that rap!
Better yet
What if we met
And communicated
With noise
Or an erratic poise
Which pops and peek-a-boos
Exclaiming its fame and unique name
To the world for a blink
Then never the same

Wink twice, thrice,
Every motion at its own price
Just try it
It might be nice

To meet you.