Revisiting Japan

Recently I have been working my way through my archives and in doing so I’ve been rediscovering photographs I had let collect digital dust on my hard drives over the years. Through these images I’ve been revisiting experiences as each photograph unveils its previously forgotten story and reminds of some electricity in a moment which … Continue reading Revisiting Japan

A day in Tai O

In July, I embarked on a sweltering weekend excursion to the beautiful Tai O fishing village in Hong Kong. The day was spent in wonderful company (picture of us at the end when we probably were somewhat delirious from the day in the sun), devouring seafood, drinking any liquids we could get our hands on, … Continue reading A day in Tai O


I’m trying to rid myself of form. Of blurring the lines of our perception of what is and what may be. I want to see without association and augment daily images to a new truth. One that is open and not limited by form, as in dreams. For no matter how much we may separate … Continue reading Dreamscape

Eternal Spark

Eternal Spark by Gero Miceli Darkness is gone from the night and light returns in the early morning after Winter Spring begins. Everything dies to be reborn. Children generate children and if life passes as a gust of wind man in remembrance remains eternal spark. FAIDDA ETERNA Passa lu scuru di la nuttata e torna … Continue reading Eternal Spark


“For this post, I’ve decided to do something a little different. Rather than accompanying my photos with my own text, I’ve decided to include my father’s response to my pictures. ” Continue reading Vaterland